Been absent with health prblems


All advice is taken

Ty ty ty


Hey Gunner just read this. You are very courageous and a hell of a guy. It’s not what knocks you down but if you get up. Just putting yourself out there is a very positive step. Thinking of you and will be checking in.


I don’t know what you’ve used, but I also had chronic pain I fixed using kratom extract, and I have not such problems like dependence at all. Well, I take kratom pretty often, but only because it is a good product for maintaining overall health, but not because I’ve created a dependence. I understand your situation, and I am sorry for the difficulties you had to pass and thus I would like to ask you to let us know what product did you use, so we could avoid it for the future. Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day!


props to u gunner…one day at a time bro :duck:


WANT to add here wish u the best here keeping pushing
for a better life :+1:



And Forum,

Good to see you guys again.

Gunner, I am also new in recovery I’m clean now for 7 months. Meth and Alcohol took me down, plus two heart events. And I still didn’t think I was that bad.

Yeah dude addiction sucks, but recovery is where it’s at.
I went to treatment here in BC, the Last Door. This place was a game-changer.

I would love to talk more about recovery.

Brent Argue

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