Who you guys betting?

I think clemson is real good
they wont be intimidated by alabama
hell…they are here every year like bama

i think the difference here is the freshman QB for Clemson
if you flush him out of the pocket
he gets a bit antsy and bama’s sideline to sideline
speed will be tough.

bama been the best team all year
they could lose

but i’ll take my chances with tua-saban and that entire bama squad

bama -5 or 5.5


Agree and I know it’s ftball but the biggest game of year shouldn’t be threatened by weather. Could you imagine if ever a super bowl or natty got suspended or delayed for several hrs like the bc / Boise game.


Clemson’s Lawrence is a different animal.Ive never seen a freshman QB including Watson that has this much talent and poise.Barring injury he wins the Heisman next 2 years.As far as game I think it’s a toss up both are playing well.Whoever doesn’t turn the ball over wins.Of course I’m hoping the Tigers beat the shit out of them Fuck Bama!!!


I’m with ya. I’ll take bama. On a side note, your son was spot on with his Dallas pick on his YouTube video. I got them -2. They absolutely whooped ass the entire game…until the end. Lol ended up a push with that stupid ending. Makes you wonder sometimes.


Going to a big sports bar to watch it with some guys… Each will be shirtless and have a letter on his chest… Me I am going as a “L” as in Roll Tide…

Bama have to win or else we will look like faggot cocksuckers on our way to a gay pride parade.

Good Luck to all…


Two future #1 picks going at it here at QB. Difference maker in the game for me is Lawrence’s lack of mobility. Clemson QBs in the past have hurt Bama with mobility. Shouldn’t be the case here. Bama will score, question is will Clemson score enough to make this a game late.


Roll tide!


Clemson win but I’ll also take the over


Game is bullshit so far…

We all had to go to the cars and get our shirts because of a hundred guys giving us shit and then have to face the loss of a big bet… this man became a boy today…


Limousine riding, jet flying ,wheeling dealing son of guns Whooo Go Tigers!!!


Fuck it bro call it a day, better future will come soon