Another mind question lol



So I got an answer about chasing looses and it was certainly correct advice.

Now I have a different question,

As I presume many of you do this alongside another revenue stream.

Today is the best examples, I woke up and there was 4 games in total on, for some reason I didn’t bet I really dont know why I just thought they would loose, all 4 won lol

When you have a pick from weeks before then you miss them or dont play them for whatever reason doesnt it annoy you?

Now I’m just like ffs and worried my next one will loose

Dumbass I know :joy: any tips?


When you start second guessing yourself or kick yourself with regret over plays then that becomes bad for your health…

We all do stupid stuff, trick is not to do it often…

I have a friend he is 9-1 in NFL and 2-8 in College Football. I said stick to NFL but he can’t as he wants to be master of everything lol…

He’s 7-2 in Premier League Soccer and 2-5 in other games…

Good Luck on your next plays…

Old guy told me once never force a Play or a woman too have sex with you as they both normally cost you big…



Thanks alot.

I really appreciate the advice! Taking note!!