AFL 2019 Thread


That is a big match… and that Essendon is a different team for that event…

Good Luck my man…


thank you, I think it’s a good pick


I believe they will win as well…
these can be tight scrappy contest, but quality rises to the surface they say.

Brodie Grundy the ruckman for Collingwood is the key here to me…

Good Luck


Bad gateway on link?

Thx for the Aussie Rules picks dude!!


Nvm, on 3rd attempt it worked.


thank you for your feedback! it’s very important for me

I think I need to change host for my website if you see errors


last bet lost. It was close, but not enough

next bet

Port Adelaide Power vs North Melbourne Kangaroos (26.04.2019)

Pick:H1 -24.5
Bookie: WilliamHill


Good Luck… North Melbourne held a Crisis meeting according to a news article to stop the losses… Wonder what they said, run harder, score more would be a start I guess lol…


lost 2 bets in a row and they were close to win. But we are moving forward, I had much worse times )))


Next bet

Fremantle Dockers vs Western Bulldogs (27.04.2019)

Pick:H1 -15.5
Bookie: WilliamHill


My book has the Dockers -20.5 !!

And, we had got Port Adelaide at -26.5, lost by the hook !!! In Australian Rules Football !!!


-20.5 it is too much. I think it is not profitable pick


Port was -40 in the 4th quarter, but they lost last 10 minutes of the game, and my bet too.


After a half-pt L, Vanilla proves prescient as the Dickers cover the 15.5, but win by only 19, to fail the line move to 20.5!


Great Win on the line posted… I now Have pocket money for Day on the Town…!!! (So Thank you)

Lancer your book will be great when he plays a plus line as you will have a huge advantage…


last bet won, thank you too for posting and for supporting me in this thread.

Lancer13, thank you too dude. In what bookies do you place your bets?


My local has us using (& beggars cannot be chosers) bookiemarket, which I’m aware does not offer the best lines, and has high juice often (e.g. 1H & 2H lines start at -115).


-115 it is very bad starting odds. They must to be no less than -109.89 (1.91).

Can you register in WilliamHill or Bet365? Or you are from US?


U.S., and for various reasons, this is my only option for larger plays. I use bookmaker for small shits ‘n’ giggles plays.


So, guys. New 3 predictions to the round 7

Brisbane Lions vs Sydney Swans (04.05.2019)
Pick:H1 -14.5 Odds:1.91 Bookie: WilliamHill

Melbourne Demons vs Hawthorn Hawks (04.05.2019)
Pick:H2 -1.5 Odds:1.91 Bookie: WilliamHill

Geelong Cats vs Essendon Bombers (05.05.2019)
Pick:H1 -12.5 Odds:1.91 Bookie: WilliamHill