AFL 2019 Thread


good luck. It can be a good pick. What odds were for your bet?


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another good bet form me

I have new prediction for tomorrow. It will be published today.


They came out limp… so much for the captain talking them up… limp dicks… was -4 1.90 or -110…


it was awful match by Eagles


so, guys my next prediction to the round 5

Melbourne Demons vs St Kilda Saints (20.04.2019)

Pick: H2 +16.5
Bookie: WilliamHill

my preview to the match -

good luck with your bets


My book has the SK Saints at +13.5 (-110), sounds good, just not as good as +16.5 (obviously)…?


not so good as my bet, but you can try it


[Melbourne Demons|50x50]
[Melbourne Demons]

7.13 (55)-15.5 (95)


St Kilda Saints|50x50

[St Kilda Saints]

another win, it was a good weekend for me


Next pick

Adelaide Crows vs Gold Coast Suns (21.04.2019)

Pick:H2 +32.5
Bookie: Bet365

preview -




Hawthorn Hawks vs Geelong Cats (22.04.2019)

Pick:Geelong Cats
Bookie: Pinnacle


Cats -14.5. ??


sorry, don’t watched your post. If you ask about bets, maybe it will be better on blog, because there i have notifications


Great win on the cats, I had some of them as well…

If you click Tooic controls under the thread you can set it to notify you on every post in your thread or what other options there are…

Keep up the great work…!!


Thnx, it was very good game. I didn’t want to bet with asian handicap, but it seems that it was a good idea.


Hi, guys! Footy is back and I have new prediction to the Round 6

Richmond Tigers vs Melbourne Demons (24.04.2019)

Pick:H1 -13.5
Bookie: WilliamHill

My full match review here -


Good Write up… Hope you are successful…

Jack is a big out… but the spread is -15.5 now as these change like water flowing down a river…

Good Luck Mr AFL or Aussie Rules King of picks…


Thank you! On williamhill margin still -13.5, I have checked it right now. I think Richmond can to win with this low margin without Riewoldt.


85:42 to the Tigers. Another victory, not bad


My next prediction, guys

Essendon Bombers vs Collingwood Magpies (25.04.2019)

Pick:H2 -11.5
Bookie: WilliamHill

full preview, as usually at