AFL 2019 Thread


Hi, guys. AFL Round 4 Collingwood Magpies vs Western Bulldogs (12.04.2019) Pick: Collingwood Magpies to win the match with asian handicap -26.5and odds 1.92 in Marathonbet


I have them straight with many multi’s/parlays I took with mlb and nhl games…

So glad you like them too… Good Luck…


Thank you, but my first bet lost


Only round 4… 15 rounds to go…

Good Luck and thanks for posting…


Thank you. I will try to make good predictions to the round 5!


Brisbane Lions vs Collingwood Magpies (18.04.2019)

Pick: Collingwood Magpies
Odds: 1.64
Bookie: Marathonbet

my full preview for the match -

Good luck!


Good write up and good luck…!!!

I sent the guy who owns this forum (The Factsman) a Collingwood Players Top once… So he may be a fan now lol…


My book only has the Magpies -8.5 (-110) available, is that a good wager?


Yes, it is also a good bet. I think Magpies will win this match with handicap of 15-25 points.


thank you man! I hope this season will be profitable for me


Vanilla brings the pain too the books…

Boom a whopping win… A one sided contest…

Keep up the good work…!!!


Brisbane Lions 61:123 Collingwood Magpies

easy win guys))

I will try to make good prediction for tomorrow for a couple of hours


Thx dude!


So we will continue to beat bookies in AFL

North Melbourne Kangaroos vs Essendon Bombers (19.04.2019)

Pick: Essendon Bombers
Odds: 1.73 (73/100 fractional, -136.99 moneyline odds)
Bookie: Betway
Bet: $100

My full match preview at my blog -

Good luck!


Again, my book has Da Bombers -5.5, your link did not have an indicated margin of victory, comments on the -5.5?


Good Luck…
nobody talks fractions… I know it exist but so does AIDS but we don’t need to mention it lol…
US Odds is how they do it here. and Decimal works in most of the world… If you were betting soccer Decimal is all the talk…


if odds for -5.5 handicap are 1.91 to 1.91 it’s more YES than NO

Handicap with 6 points can be hard to get, but I think this bet will be good


Ok I will publish my predictions in decimal odds and if you need, you can convert in other types of odds.




Great win… another pounding…

I put a wager on the next game, West Coast Eagles first Quarter win. Fingers Crossed…