3/23 Fair Grounds All Stakes Pick 4


Pick 4 starts in the 10th race at the Fair Grounds in New Orleans. 10th is scheduled to go off at 4:34 Eastern.

Race 10—2/3/4/8/10/11
Race 12—2

A .50 base bet costs a total of $12.

Longshot Special: Race 10: No. 4. Noble Indy. Morning Line:15-1. Pletcher and Johnnie V. always a dangerous combination!

Good luck to all.


Make that money


No bueno! The 2 horse in leg 3 goes off at 2/5 but is injured during the race and is vanned off.
4th keg won by a 22/1 shot. Groan.
Oh well, tomorrow is another day. That’s what I’m worried about.


They should of shot the horse and BBQ later on… I would eat that burger with a grin…

Good Luck Tomorrow


Lol Sportsguy!! My sentiments exactly!!


I feel we need to take our own Ketchup packets along in case they really do it one day…