3/20 Sat Col. BB (***)




UCLA+4 1/2

Cal. Santa Barb+7 1/2



**Miss St.+5 >>>>>>>>>>NIT
" " -und 135 1/2

**Oklahoma+1 1/2
" -und 140

**Grand Canyon+14 1/2

***Oregon + Virginia (1 Open ) ML/Par



***UCLA-2nd H-ov 74



have a day marine :eagle:


Good luck…

Watching Bama on TV… commentary people have them winning after the 3rd bucket lol


I don’t think the offshore guys will pay after the 3rd bucket…still feel’in the pain from the Kansas game after falling behind early and coming back to almost cover…I put in a live bet @ Kansas -5 1/2…almost got both…I’m going to fill in (2) 3 teamers tonight on a couple I had circled from yesterday…Caught LSU $ Colorado in a nice one earlier…Good Luck on what you do tonight…



Oral roberts shock win knocked out the only losses in 2 12 team ML parlays I had going that had big trouble at days…

Parlays have hurt me with a lot of 6 team era I had going down by a last second dunk…

But it’s life and you have to suck it up…

Will watch some Virginia game as they go on about the defence yet they are told they need to score more, so will see how you have both worlds go on…