2021 SuperBowl Discussion Thread


Patrick Mahomes vs Tom Brady

Chiefs -3.5 Total 57

Any views or opinions…

Is this the current Goat passing his mantle to the next future Goat ( greatest of all time ).

Personally I think the Chiefs but the money keeps pouring in for Tampa like they have a crystal ball:.

Any thoughts share away !!


Like KC. Just think they have everything going for them.
Lots of talk about TB pass rush, 3 guys that can go get it. But it’s PM they are chasing around he’s Gunna throw fast.
On the other :raised_back_of_hand:. KC chased JA all over the yard. Had him rattled. 80.8 RAT. And that guy has shown all year that he’s a deadly runner. Now if that same group shows up…Tom can’t move. We all know it and I feel that a younger slicker team wins here.
Now we all remember what Tom has done…I just think it’s time to pass the torch.

Lastly I have a nickel on KC +450 to win and like Some smart guy told me once hedging is for pussies.

Go KC and good luck all


That’s a good lock in with those odds…

I have watched the packers, Tampa game and Tampa’s second half was an epic fail…


I’m doubling down.

TB -3 110
TB +135


Who’s going to be MVP?


This forum use to thrive on opinions…crickets…its to bad ! Good Luck on which ever one you choose…



Marine I said Heads for the toss in your basketball thread…

What a way to start…