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Man, I think 5.5 points is too many guys

I'm a Pats guy and I'll be rooting for them as always, but this is a big line considering the Patriots just found themselves down 10 late against the Jags at home.

Foles looked like Montana against Minny..I'm not supremely confident in him doing that again but The Patriots pass defense can be exposed at times and Doug Petersen has proven he knows how to move the ball and get creative. They'll need that..One thing I know is two Sunday's ago, the Eagles would've beat the Patriots head to head. The Pats need to play better and the Eagles need to bring that same effort into Minnesota..

My gut says Pats in another close one, but my brain is very scared Philly can come in and upset them. I live in New England and the fans are so complacent. Like watching our squad in February is something we can take for granted, an appointment that we don't even celebrate until its over.

Meanwhile, this Philly roster is hungry and there's no denying they want Philly's 1st SB a bit more than a team who has won so many.

I cannot knock Tom Brady's pure will to win. But it has become kind of crazy how often we are expecting him to score late in the fourth in the clutch. He is overdue to not do that. And in the past, even when he has (TD to Moss in '08), the weak zone pass defense let them down on the following drive.

I just have a bad feeling about this game as a Pats fan. I expect a 3-4 point victory for New England, but Philly really should be about a coinflip to win this ballgame in my mind..at least a hell of a lot closer than getting 5.5 points on neutral turf

Eagles +5.5 is my play (I play on a local New England book, maybe the reason for the generous line..I'd still take Philly at 4.5 or 5)

The total is a nightmare, stay away. Although teasing Eagles to +11.5 with over 42.5 seems nice...

Good luck, lets hit the bookies hard!

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I not going to go crazy betting this game...i could debate back and forth forever....however im gonna put a few on eagles straight up.
I really dont like how bortles looked so good against the pats...bortles is one terrible qb...
I understand that the pats focused heavily on fournette and put the statement out there..ball is in bortles hand to beat us...well he almost damn well did...
Foles is not a great qb but he is much better than bortles.
So why can he have success against the pats...nerves of superbowl vs brady's experience will hurt but thats where i like the eagles d....best d in the league 2nd half of year on in my opinion...should be charged up and looking for brady blood....eagles hungry for first sb....
Its extremely hard for me to bet against brady and belichick in a super bowl...but they cant win them all...also very difficult to win back to back sb...they did it before so doing it again the odds r even lower.
Last years crazy comeback win would not have happened if atlanta had not went into prevent defense so early..
Should be close..
Good luck everyone!
Playoffs?! Don't talk about playoffs! Are you kidding me? Playoffs?! I'm just hoping we can win a game, another game!
Jim Mora

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